Are there any diet pills that really work?

Are there any diet pills that really work? – This is the million dollar question.. Unfortunately I can’t get the million dollar answer for you. But I do have some thousand dollar worth answers..

lcolson from

There are many diet pills out on the market. The FDA does not approve many diet pills, if something is not approved by the FDA that means test have not been ran on it by the food and drug administration. The safest way to lose weight is through diet and exercise. Are there any diet pills out there that actually work, there may be some out there…

Tammy P from

All the diet pill makers say that they help you lose weight. I’m going to emphasis the word help again because you are not going to lose weight if you are still eating junk food and too many calories. There is no pill is going to work if we don’t change some habits. The diet pill works by helping you speed up the process of weight loss. They all recommend that you diet and exercise. There just is no substitute for a good healthy diet and good old fashion exercise.

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