Nurse Uniform

In an earlier post I have criticized about the medical system in Kerala. However this post is not critisizing the uniform – just my observations. A long time ago (must be some years ago) I remember the nurses (ladies) in hospitals wearing white sarees. Though it looked good on them, I am sure it was not that practical. Over the years the nurses uniforms have changed. Now I see most hospitals letting them wear top (shirt like) and pants. But the color is still white. I am sure that they (hospitals) want the female nurses to look like angels but they should be more practical – white is not the best color to maintain. I feel some other colors should be used.

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  1. You can find a very similar store-bought pattern, and adapt it to be the exact dress. If you can find a regular white apron, you can just paint a red cross on it. Maybe you could even find a similar dress at a thrift store and change the sleeves to the white…It’s looking nice..

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