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My bit about chritmas

Soon its Christmas time again, though I am not a Christian, that doesn’t stop me from celebrating it.. I believe its a universal celebration that everyone should be a part of.. I do like Christ and his teachings – I am not quite sure the Church is faithful to the original teachings anymore – they …

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Commercial Property

  Types of Commercial Real Estate Commercial real estate encompasses a wide array of property types, including office buildings, apartment properties, malls, shopping centers, warehouses, distribution facilities, and research-and-development or research-laboratory properties. Buildings made up of a mix of office and industrial space are called “flex” properties. If 50% or more is office, the property …

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Great Religious Jewelry

Jewelry is mainly used for aesthetics, but jewelry can also serve a religious purpose. Religious Jewelry has been present in every early civilization ever noted, and it was and in some cases still is a very big part of their religious practices and everyday life as well. In fact, the very first objective of jewelry …

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