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Updated Flatpress to 0.1010.1

Today I decided to update flattpress to the latest version – 0.1010.1. It took me some time to backup my stuff and then install the latest version and bring all my older posts to this new one..

Updated FlatPress!

Well this blog has been updated to the latest version of flatpress – version 0.1010.. There was some hiccups on the way. I always refer to for help. Its some time since the blog has been updated over there but the old posts certainly help me a lot..

Flatpress is pretty fast

I am glad I am back with flatpress. Its pretty fast when compared with wordpress blog that I was using. Well it might be the fault of my hosting that wordpress is slow – most probably due to the slower mysql backend. I need to get some good themes to make flatpress look cool..

Back to Flatpress

Hmm. I am back to using flatpress instead of wordpress. I love wordpress but my current hosting – 110mb seems to have some issues with mysql – it seems so slow. But flatpress which doesn’t use mysql seems pretty fast.