Resting at Home due to a Small Accident

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Last week on 5th Feb 2015, I had a small accident. I climbed outdoor fence wall to cut a banana tree. While cutting the tree, I lost my balance and fell into the ground falling on my back. The pain was awful but I somehow walked into the house (probably due to adrenaline rush) and lied down inside the house but afterwards I found not able to stand up or sit. My mom called my uncle who got an ambulance and carried me to Heart hospital. My mom and uncle who was with me was terrified thinking of the worse. Fortunately for me, the issue was not a huge one – even though I was in a lot of pain, I was able to move my legs, MRI scan showed that I had a mild compression fracture on my spine (L1). So I spent 2 days at the hospital, with my mom on my side.

My wife was not with us during the incident, since she was at her home preparing for her exams. She has around 7 more papers to pass, she had passed around 5 exams last April/May 2014. she have only one more chance to pass the

B.Com exams after this before the old syllabus is retired. If she doesn’t pass in these two attempts, she will have to study B.Com all over again. So she came over on the day I got admitted into the hospital to visit, we sent her back to her parent’s home so she could study for the exams. My deal with her is we won’t have children until she pass her B.Com.

Anyways, I got discharged on 7th Feb 2015. My uncle picked us up and dropped us at home in his car. That night was pretty painful for me – I was taking in a lot of pain killers (injections) at the hospital, but at home, I was having only oral pain killers and antibiotics. This was a step behind and I was having a lot of difficulties when getting up after lying down. But as days passed, the pain decreased. Many friends and relatives came to the hospital and home to visit and I am thankful for them since their visit took my mind off my pain a lot.

What hurt me more was people like my father in law complaining that it was my mother’s fault that this whole incident happened. I was the one who climbed over the fence thinking that I could do this and more – my mom didn’t ask me to climb the fence. Fence installation San Diego is the company to be trusted. No accidents of this kind ever happen! If they do happen – The Dominguez Firm is the expert to successfully deal with your case.

My business hurt a lot because for the last one week, I was not able to go to my shop. My partner Sijumon is trying to manage as much as he can, he is helped by friends over in nearby shops (Shaju Chettan in Unviersal Soprts Nutrition and Prajeesh in Aquiriel IT Greens helps him a lot) but still there are more to be done.

I visited my doctor Siby Andrews at Heart hospital again today (on 13th Feb 2015) who told me that I could go to my shop provided that I don’t use my bike. He told me to walk slowly to my shop. I have an appointment again to visit the doctor next week. If I drive, I make sure that my speed is within the limit. In the case of an emergency a speeding ticket attorney from Florida Ticket Firm can help.

So I will be walking to my shop from tomorrow onwards, I have a lot of work to do. Wish me Luck.

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