Thrissur Pooram Sample Fireworks

On 29th April 2012 was Thrissur Pooram Sample fireworks. We four (me, my cousin Adarsh and my friends Amal Raj and Aneesh) went to see the sample fireworks. There was a hint of rain. A few drops were falling. And then Paramekkavu stared the fireworks. Even though its my thattakam, I must critisize them – the 1st kootaporichil was absolutely lame, boring. It was too lengthy – there was a lot of delay in between each gund. But the finish was good. Thrivambady’s kootaporichil was short but very brisk – I thought they did a good job. After that both parties tried out different amittu – both nothing new to talk about – but still ok. In the last both parties had kuzhi minnals – this they did ok.

In the end it didn’t rain.. and we returned home not very happy as we have seen better fireworks..But we are waiting for Thrissur pooram..

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