Went to Asurankundu Dam and Vazhani Dam

Yesterday I was thinking of spending the day developing mobileshots.org and give a visit to see my friends in Accel. But my friends Amal Raj and Harish came to my home. Amal was keen on visiting Asurankundu Dam. So we stated out from our home by about 12:30 pm. We didn’t take in lunch thinking that we could be back soon. There is a forest check post on the way to Asurankundu Dam. The road is very narrow – just wide enough for our car. We reached Asurankundu Dam. This is not a scenic spot at the moment. The government doesn’t seem to take proper care of the place. There is a lot of potential for this place for trekking. But at the moment this is not an ideal place to visit for families. So we went off from there we thought of visiting Vazhani Dam or Poomala. We choose Vazhani Dam because Amal and I haven’t visited this place. The road to Vazhani Dam is in repairs which I hope will be soon over. Vazhani Dam is a superbly well kept place. The whole area is just beautiful. The dam which is a earth or clay dam itself is a beauty. The garden is also very well maintained. This is an ideal place to visit with your family. We spend a lot of time here. We reached back home at about 5:00 PM.

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