Went to Pradeep Sir’s House Today

Tomorrow is April 1st (April Fools Day) and Maundy Thursday. So most of my co workers won’t either come or be late to work after going to church. Now is the fun fact – Accel needs to be open at 7:30 am. And those dudes having the keys won’t come up at that time because they have to go to church – this was discovered by our center manager – Bejoy Sir at approx 7:30 pm when almost everybody has left the office. So as we were shutting down the computers and leaving, he looked at he and told me – “Binil, Come at 7:30 am sharp..because you have the key..”
I could only stare at him – thinking of the fact that I will be missing my morning sleep. Thats unthinkable. So thought of the next best thing – to give my key to either Pramada madam or Pradeep sir.. Again pause – thinking – I don’t have a clue where Pramada madam lives – even if I knew where she lives, I am not sure if I would like to go to a woman co-worker’s house at night.. So I went to Pradeep sir’s house which is only about 10 min of racing with my bike through Thrissur traffic. I haven’t been to his house for about an year – so I went there – met teacher (Pradeep sir’s wife) and their little daughter Aparna (Sreekutty) – who is very chatty. I had some payasam, chips, mixture etc before I returned home. The only thing I forgot is to take their photo – which could have added to my collection..

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