Went to see Buon Natale Thrissur 2013

This was mostly an unexpected one. We originally intended to go to see the flower show but ended up enjoying Buon Natale Thrissur 2013. We (my mom, wife and me) started from our home a bit late thinking that the traffic rush may be over if we are late, but it wasn’t. It took us a long time to get anywhere, we tried the parking spot near bsnl thrissur which was full. So we came to paramekkavu temple taking a very long route through mailepadam. After parking, we prayed outside the temple and went to the swaraj round. We had thought that the show would be over, but to our amusement, it wasn’t. So I got the opportunity to use my camera and take a few shots. You can see these at mobileshots. The show itself was very well maintained and there was proper discipline everywhere. It was nice to see 500 Santa Clauses and 2000 angels. The show was quite enjoyable – there was lack of proper lighting as night approached, but I am sure that this would be sorted out next year. After the show was over, we came back to the temple and prayed inside the temple.

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