I was using Asianet Broadband before the introduction of Jio from Reliance. But with the introduction of Jio, the entire game of broadband internet seems to have been changed. First let me say that I was not a user of Jio before, but I was interested to check them out as my pre paid plan with Asianet was coming to its end. So instead of renewing my Asianet plan, I went to check out Jio. Jio’s plan even with the purchase of the wireless device is a lot cheaper when comapared to Asianet’s annual plan that I was using.

So I went to purchase the JioFi 2 device (router) from the Relaince retail store in St. Thomas Road, Thrissur on 8th March 2018. I went around afternoon, when asked if the device is available, they simply said no and that only the newer model is available. (They may have said this to sell the newer model, which was selling at a much higher premium than the one I was looking for. This was at around 1999 while M2S was at 999). I showed no interest in it and I asked them when will the JioFi M2S be available. They said it should be available in the evening. So I told them I will be back in the evening and took off.

I came back to the store in the evening and as they had promised, the JioFi M2S was present and I purchased it for 999, also got the Jio SIM, verified it using Aadhar. I had to pay 99 for Jio Prime Membership, paid 448 for 84 days 2GB/day plan. So total came to 1546.

This is a made in China device. In the box, you will get a charger with USB cable and a battery. The battery is of 2300mAh.

The device will work only with the Jio SIM (It will not work with sim of nay other service provider). It contains the slot of the SIM and a micro SD slot for putting in a SD card (upto 32GB) which can be used as a small network storage. This should be useful in a small office setup.

There are Signal, Connection, WiFi, WPS and Battery indicator on top of the router. Besides this there is also a power key to switch off or on the device.

Now coming to the performance of the device. This being a 4G LTE wireless device, the speed is highly dependent on the signal power or the location. In my home, which may be a bit far away from the nearest tower, the speed in the ground floor is very less. But there is a significant increase in speeds in some parts of the 1st floor of my house. I was able to get very good speeds in my office located in East Fort, Thrissur.

The battery backup is pretty good. This will last around 8 hours (maybe even more).
Also you an use your existing android phone to call to outside. Connect to the M2S router using WiFi download Jio4GVoice and use the app to call. The call will seem to originate from the Jio number used in the M2S router

Pros according to me
* Charger is present
* Good Battery Backup
* Can be used as a small Network Storage using SD card.
* Can be used for voice calling (using Jio4GVoice app in android mobile)
* Have all major LED indicators

Cons according to me
* Speed can vary according to location
* Works only with Jio Sim (no body so far have seems to have unlocked it)

Even though Reliance states that it will work with upto 32 devices connected to it, I am not sure if all the devices will get sufficient bandwidth.

Now I would suggest to people who need a Wifi hotspot to check out the speed of Jio using your phone first at the location of use before purchasing this device. Otherwise this could become a waste of your money. If you can get a good speed, then this is of great value of money. Otherwise please go for another service provider. This is applicable to any Jio WiFi routers or hotspots you purchase. If you don’t want to purchase a Jio sim, please lent it from a friend or relative to check it. These days most people have one Jio sim as ther secondary number. Please try the speeds of Jio at your place before you buy the device.

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I am using Redmi 4a which has only 16GB of Internal Storage. I was running out of space in the internal storage when having games like Asphalt 8 Airborne. There were several people who suggested that we need to root the phone inorder to move apps from internal storage to SD card.

But there is an internal solution provided by Gameloft. This is an option inside the Asphalt 8 Airborne game which allows you to move most of the game data from your internal storage to your SD card.

In the game, go to options – Change Data Location – Click Yes

But this is not without its issues. The game could be slower and I have found the game to be crashing sometimes when the game data is stored in the SD card.

Anyways please try it out and please do use the comment option below to tell me your experiance.

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Peruvanam Mahadeva Temple is located in Thrissur district, Kerala State, South India. Its around 10 kms away from Thrissur town, on the way towards Kodungallur.

The temple dedicated to Lord Shiva stands in 7 acre ground surrounded by a tall wall. The temple is famous for its Pandi and Panchari melams during the Peruvanam pooram – The Peruvanam Nadavazhi forms an ideal venue providing one of the finest acoustics and natural theater to listen to the melams.

Here are some of the pictures of this historic temple and the pooram.

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Sree Maheswara Bhagavathy (Bagavathy) Temple or simply known as SNDP Siva Temple is located in Chelakottukara, Thrissur. Its around 3 km away from Thrissur town. Below are some of the photos or pictures of the temple talen during the Makayiram Mahotsavam.

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