St. Sebastians Church, Kodunga

St. (Saint) Sebastians Church, Kodunga is located in Kodunga, Thrissur district, Kerala, on the way from Kodaly to Vellikulangara. This church is around 33 km from Thrissur through Kodakara. You can also reach the church from Chalakudy via Vellikulangara (around 15km). Below are some of the pictures or photos of this beautiful church.

Inchakundu, Thrissur

Inchakundu or Injakundu is located in Thrissur district. Its between Mupliyam and Kodaly. To reach here from Thrissur you can travel towards Mupliyam from Pudukkad or if you are coming from Kodakara, go towards Kodaly. If you are coming from Chalakudy, you can get here via Vellikulangara, then through Kodaly. This is a hilly area …

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