20 crazy things people do to get Wi-Fi connections

In their quest to get Wi-Fi Internet connectivity, people have done some pretty desperate things over the years.

Then there’s a whole other level of desperation that comes while some people are searching for the almighty Wi-Fi access point. The evidence: an August 2008 survey of 300 remote employees who work on company-issued laptops.

The survey asked these road warriors: “What interesting or out of the ordinary things have you ever done to get connected to the Internet and/or company network, when working remotely?” Of the open-ended responses, here are the most noteworthy:

1. “Stolen Wi-Fi from a neighbor.”
Editor’s note: Nothing says “Howdy, Neighbor!” more than “I’m stealing your Wi-Fi!”

2. “Had to climb on my mother’s roof once. It was so fun. I actually saw a naked neighbor girl.”
Editor’s note: Is that considered a two-for-one?

3. “Drove 15 miles away from Old Faithful Geyser to achieve a complete Internet connection, due to static from Geyser emissions energy.”
Editor’s note: I hate it when that happens.

4. “Driven to the local coffee shop and purchased a muffin to use their wireless.”
Editor’s note: That seems reasonable.

5. “Gone to coffee shop without buying coffee.”
Editor’s note: Cheapskate!

6. “Had to ‘hack’ into a phone line at a hotel to get dial-up to work (many years ago).”
Editor’s note: Easy does it, Mitnick.

7. “I have plugged my laptop into a hospital Ethernet line because the wireless was down.”
Editor’s note: Glad it wasn’t the oxygen line.

8. “I have researched hotels that do not provide Internet but are nearby wireless hubs to get connection freely.”
Editor’s note: A little too much time on your hands, sir?

9. “Plugged into the back of a cash register.”
Editor’s note: Really? You can do that?

10. “I went up to the top of a mountain and worked for a week from a tent.”
Editor’s note: Grizzly Adams meets Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame).

11. “Turned someone’s TV antenna into a wireless internet antenna.”
Editor’s note: Now that’s talent.

12. “Logged into hotel conference rooms to get the connection for free.”
Editor’s note: Who hasn’t done that?!

13. “Paid for a cab ride while I worked on the Internet.”
Editor’s note: That seems a bit “unfare.”

14. “Plugged into electricity from the city of Seattle that was on a pole on the sidewalk, but only for a few minutes.”
Editor’s note: Well, as long as it was just for a few minutes.

15. “Held my laptop out a window to get the Wi-Fi next door so I could send an important e-mail.”
Editor’s note: Hope it was one of those rugged notebooks.

16. “Sat outside an airport for 4 hours so I could use the free wireless across the street.”
Editor’s note: Good thing her flight was delayed.

17. “I’ve done a lot of crazy things but I’ll never be able to admit it or I’d lose my dignity.”
Editor’s note: Tease.

18. “Moved throughout my home because of connection problems, I found myself sitting in a ducky chair in my toddler’s room because that is where I got the best connection.”
Editor’s note: That’s just quackers.

19. “Using dial up.”
Editor’s note: That’s desperate.

20. “I think a laundromat is the strangest one I ever hooked up to.”
Editor’s note: We agree.

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