Arc CDN Review – Interesting Concept but Needs Improvement

85 / 100

Arc is a crowdfunded distributed (peer to peer) CDN which can be implemented on all websites by inserting a script or by using a plugin if you are running wordpress.


This CDN or Content Delivery Network is a different concept from the rest of the other CDNs. It works on the concept of taking some bandwidth from the users and giving it others. Users can opt out of it. It pays websites for contributing bandwidth.

From their words

Arc is a two-sided marketplace. On one side of the market, websites buy a fast, low-cost peer-to-peer CDN. On the other side, websites make money by contributing bandwidth to the peer-to-peer CDN. Arc’s widget provides access to both sides.

I decided to try it since I needed a backup plan to make some money to run Free Cloud Host besides Adsense. So I installed it in all the websites that I manage.

My View about Arc CDN

I don’t think that at the moment it is making my websites faster – but it should be providing me with a passive income. I will update this post as soon as I start receiving the money in my PayPal account.

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2 thoughts on “Arc CDN Review – Interesting Concept but Needs Improvement”

  1. Good day. Did you receive any money from Arc CDN?
    It would help a lot if you could summarize your experience. Thank you.

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