BA in 3D Animation & Visual Effects

Indira Gandhi National Open University (in Collaboration with Green Valley Community College) and Accel Animation Academy is now offering BA in 3D Animation & Visual Effects


Foundation Courses
* Part – I -English

Core Course Main Subjects
* Animation Art (Practical)
* Animation Principles (Practical)
* Story Design & Development (Practical)
* Digital Ink & Paint (Practical)
* Production Process (Theory)
* Mechanic of Motion (Theory)


Foundation Courses
* Part – II -English

Core Course Main Subjects
* Design Principle (Practical)
* Audio visual Techniques (Practical)
* Matte & Texture Painting (Practical)
* Cell Animation (Practical)
* Animation Techniques (Practical)
* History of Animation (Theory)


Core Course Main Subjects
* Film Language (Theory)
* Visual Communication T1 (Theory)
* 3D Modeling & Texturing (Practical)
* Charter Designing (Practical)
* 2D Compositing (Practical)


Core Course Main Subjects
* Studio Design & Project Mgt (Theory)
* Visual Communication T2 (Theory)
* 3D Rigging & Animation (Practical)
* Digital Lighting & Staging (Practical)
* Digital Compositing (Practical)
* Digital Intermediating (Practical)


Core Course Main Subjects
* 3D Animation (Practical)
* 3D Elective (Practical)
— Modeling
— Rigging
— Lighting
— Texturing
* Sound Effect & Mixing (Practical)
* Editing (Practical)

Project Work
* Short Film

For more details contact:
Bejoy (Area Manager) +919895804377

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