Business is slowly picking up

If you guys don’t know, we (me and my partner Sijumon) have a small business of selling Automotive batteries called Buff Power. Till now business is very dull – partly because we are newcomers to this field and also because of the fact that we are not getting any support from the parent company Su-Kam. No one has heard about Su-Kam – they may be kings in the solar and inverter business but their name is not heard buy most people who are here to buy automobile battery. We have to educate the dealers that Su-Kam is a big company which is been around for 25 years, they are global leaders and so on. At first most dealers won’t listen to us. They think that we are just some battery distributors who is making up stuff about a non existent or almost bad company. This where people from Su-Kam should have helped with – but all they want to do is to just bill us the products and don’t care whether we sell it or not. They don’t ever care about advertising or help to sell the products.

But business is slowly picking up because of our efforts. Both me and Sijumon go out there everyday to meet new dealers. The dealer may not be kind to us when we go to then for the first time, but we go to them every week after week until they take in the products. We are giving batteries for credit now – we hope that in the future Su-Kam may also give us products in credit, most companies are giving credit these days. And in the competitive world of automobile batteries, this is a requirement.

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