Canon EOS 70D

Are you trying to look for the best DSLR camera on the market? More camera models are being created every month and every year. Actually, most of the popular brand names on the industry produce at least two to three new models every year. The competition for the best camera on the market never stops until now and they try to create more innovations and unique features to prove that they are the best.

After the new Canon EOS 70D was announced last July, many people are thinking that this new replacement for the 60D model will be considered as the best this year. What are the things that you can expect from the 70D version? Basically, 70D Canon comes with a live view or video optimized autofocus system without the need for any special lenses, streamlined body design with a touch screen feature and WiFi support. So what are the possible qualities that you can expect from this new model based on a Canon EOS 70D Review?

Image Quality Produced by the Camera

Well, most people are actually looking at the image quality above anything else and this should be your main priority. As what other reviews say, the image quality is almost the same with the 60D and other competitors, but if you will closer on the picture, you can easily the difference. The 70D is probably more superior when it comes to quality but it is not easily noticed unless a photographer is looking at the picture. Well, it is an improvement of the 60D model so you can expect that it produces good quality pictures.

Autofocus Feature

We are talking about overall performance here since it is what everyone would want when it comes to digital cameras. The autofocus of this camera is its most notable feature because of its accuracy. This is something worth mentioning because a lot of people are looking forward on this autofocus feature. It is really a good thing that this feature is really good and accurate. Though the speed is not as fast as the other brands, it is already fast enough since it shots in about 0.6 second. The time to focus, expose and shoot with dim light will take around 0.3 second while shooting in good light takes around 0.2 second.


The design also plays an important role in choosing a camera that you will use. Most of the professional photographers pay close attention to the design of the camera because the quality of the pictures taken by a camera can be determined by the comfort and ease of the user when using it. If the user can easily grip and use the camera, high quality images can be created.

The streamlined body of the digital camera is actually made to provide easy grip on the model and you can even shoot while using one hand. You can easily operate the different buttons and other features of the camera with your thumb. According to an EOS 70D Review, this is one of the reasons why many people are looking forward in buying this new Canon 70D model. It is comfortable to use and very easy to operate.


Today, the price of this camera is around $1,199 or more if you try looking at the internet. Well, the price of this camera will surely go down in a couple of months so if you plan to buy one, you can let a couple of months pass by to save money.

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