Chelsea FC won the Champions League

The Champions League Final between Chelsea FC of England and Bayern Munich of Germany had been a boring one until it reached the 80+ min.. Until this time, Bayern kept attacking and Chelsea kept defending. It was so boring that I fell asleep for some time. Bayern missed out a dozen chances and Chelsea didn’t have the attacking force.

The game changed when Muller of Bayern finally got a header past the Chelsea goal post. Now everyone including the Bayern coach though they are about to win this – so he makes the mistake of his life – he took out Muller and replaced him with a defender. A few min later, Drogba got in a fine header to make it 1-1. Now Bayern was in trouble. Muller was a force to reckon with and now he was not in the game. Now Chelsea started playing much better.

In extra time, both teams tried hard – Bayern again missed some golden opportunities including a penalty. They paid very hard for their mistakes. Chelsea won the match in penalties..

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