commonWP – WordPress Plugin Review

commonWP is a plugin developed by Milan Dinić (who has created numerous plugins for wordpress).

This plugin enables the usage of jsDelivr CDN (free content delivery network sponsored by some big names in the industry like StackPath, Cloudflare, Fastly, Quantil etc.) for all the JavaScript and CSS files present in wordpress, provided that we are using the themes and plugins provided by (or hosted in) or Github. This is because changes were made in jsDelivr in 2017 to allow any file from GitHub and npm to be served by the CDN. (WordPress have most of the files in GitHub)

What I understand is that whenever someone loads our website, the plugin will check if the js and css files requested are availble in jsDelivr, then it will load it from there instead from our server. This makes websites fast.

To make the max files to be loaded from jsDelivr, I used only the free theme and plugins available in Also I removed the child themes and any customization used in the child theme. By doing this, so far I am seeing remarkable speed improvements using this plugin in various sites. You can check out speed of this site here.

Also check the GTMetrix report here.

Its absolutely simple to use, just install the plugin and enable it – thats all – nothing else to configure. Its lightweight and highly useful. Make your website load faster.

I hope that the developer continues to contribute to this plugin.

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