Dashboard Trim Kit – FAQ’s

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How Do You Select A Dash Trim Kit?

With so many choices of wood trim kits and carbon fiber kits to choose from, selecting the right kit for your vehicle is a very important decision that can give your vehicle the exact look you are trying to achieve. The first decision is whether you want a Classic Dash Kit or a Molded Dash Kit. If you look at the two dash trim kits above you will notice that the kit on the left has a curve that wraps around the dash. This is a Molded Dash Kit. The dash trim kit on the right does not have any curves in the dash and is therefore a Classic Dash Kit. Some vehicles do not have curved dashes and therefore do not require Molded Dash Kits.

How do I know which color to choose for my dash kit?

Although color is a very personal thing, we do have general recommendations. Grey interiors look very sharp with a Rosewood Dash Color Finish, while Tan interiors are very well suited to the Burlwood Dash Color Finish. This is not to say that there aren’t gray interiors that look amazing with Burlwood Dash or Tan interiors that don’t look great with a Rosewood Dash. A popular option these days is the carbon fiber dash kit. Carbon fiber kit create a more modern look and are very popular in the sport compact cars.

How should I care for my dash kit?

The best way to care for your wood kit or carbon fiber kit is to keep it out of the sun as much as possible. We recommends a UV Shield for the ultimate protection. If you do not have a UV shield, try park in the shade as much as possible. If you spill on the dash kit use a damp cloth and water to clean the kit.

Can I install an aftermarket dash trim kit on the top of my existing factory wood dash?

Yes you can. Keep in mind, most factory wood dash trims are molded so small areas of the original wood dash trim may be exposed.

Is the dash kit a replacement for the dashboard or a stick on dashboard kit?

The dash kits are thin flat pieces and molded pieces (depending on which dash kit is purchased). The flat dash pieces are about 1/12th of an inch thick with the polyurethane coating and 3M adhesive tape backing. The pieces only cover certain places on the interior. This dash kit is not a replacement for the entire plastic dashboard in your car.

Use the following these steps to remove a dash kit from your dash:
*Use a heat gun or a blow drier to heat up each dash kit piece, one piece at a time.
*While the dash kit piece is still warm pull on it (we do not recommend using screw drivers or any other metal tools – use your fingers and plastic objects).
*Continue heating up each dash trim piece one at a time and pulling it until entire kit is removed.
*To get rid of any 3M glue residue, use a soft cloth. You may want to apply Bug and Tar Remover and gently rub surfaces where dash kit was attached.

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