Festivals of 2012

As far as of now 2012 has not been the best of the year when it comes to festivals for me. This year, it isn’t how much festivals and pooram’s I went to but rather how many ones I missed.

1. Thaipooya Mahotsavam, Koorkancherry (7 Feb 2012) – Missed this one big time. As I was not working in Thrissur (I was in Kochi at that time), I missed it.

2. Kuttiyankavu Samkramavela (13 feb 2012) – This too I missed because of the same reason. But I was there for the sample fireworks on 11 feb 2012. The sample fireworks was pretty good.

3. Machattu Mamangam (21 Feb 2012) – I really wanted to go for this one.. and I was really starting to hate my job.

4. Uthralikavu Pooram (28 Feb 2012) – This one I got lucky because 28th happened to be a nation wide bandth..lol. and I was also there for the sample fireworks on 26th Feb.


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