From Pondicherry to Hyderabad and then back to Pondicherry

I started from Pondicherry on 27th April 2013, I reached Hyderabad the next day. I don’t know exactly where I got down, I was tired and just wanted to get back to the hotel that had been booked for me. So got into an auto which got me into Falcon which is at Banjara Hills nearby the head office of Next Education. As the day I arrived 28th April 2013 was a sunday, our office was not open. This was a blessing for me as I was really tired. Our IT head Rakesh sir had called me to say that I could have some time off visiting some of the malls nearby but I was too tired to go out. So I just slept throughout that day.

On the next day I went to our head office which is just a 5 min walk from the hotel that I was staying. I carried the Acer PC that I had got from Pondicherry. My L2 Team Lead Pavan had told me that we could get it later, but I thought of getting it to the office as soon as possible. Its a little mistake – I should have listened to Pavan. The package was big and I am not entirely in the best of shape. But I reached the office.

That day (monday) I met most of the guys whom I had only spoken on the phone. First it was Mahipal who called me and taught me the basics of the EPBAX machine configuration. I tried to grasp in as much as I can. Then we met with the L2 team over there. Only Pavan and Rohit had come that day. I also met Subba and Arun of tech team. Also met Rakesh sir. Since they were short of people that day, I attended some of their calls. At noon we had lunch which is at the top of that building.

At first it was decided that I will get back to Kochi after Friday. But soon that plan changed and it was decided that I have to get back to Pondicherry. But by that time it was late to get the bus to Pondicherry. So it was decided that I will go to Pondicherry the next day.

In the evening, Pavan took me out to have some cool Hyderbadi biriyani. Later Subba and Rohit joined us. We had a nice time. Then Pavan dropped me at my hotel.

The next day I came to the office after checking out from the hotel. I came to the office with my luggage (which is just a bag as I had only prepared for a maximum of 2 day trip). Pavan helped me to book the bus ticket online using his credit card as I was a bit short of money. But soon I recived my salary and I gave back the money.

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