How to Mount a Plasma TV

By Electronics Editor

One of the main benefits of a plasma TV instead of a traditional cathode ray tube (CRT) television is that they take up considerably less space. While some people place their plasma TV on a stand, another popular choice is to mount the plasma TV on a wall. This can save you space and even make your TV an integral part of the design of your room.

Things You’ll Need:

* Plasma TV wall mount that is appropriate for the size of your plasma TV
* Plasma TV
* Stud finder
* Household tools, including a drill and screwdriver
* Bubble or laser level
* Measuring tape
* Pencil

Install a Plasma TV on Your Wall

Step1: Check the dimensions of your plasma TV. The screen size that is often cited, such as 42 inches or 50 inches, refers to the diagonal measure of the screen. You will need to measure the length and width of your plasma TV to ensure that it will fit on the wall where you want to mount it.

Step2: Use a stud finder to locate the studs within the wall on which you are mounting your plasma TV. Studs run vertically within the walls and will be used to hold the wall mount.

Step3: Mark with a pencil the locations of studs within the wall where you want to place the wall mount. The height of the mount should offer a comfortable view of the TV from the seat where you would typically would be watching it. Be certain that the marks are the same height from the floor so that the mount is level. Alternatively, draw a line connecting the points and check it with a bubble or laser level.

Step4: Drill the screws into the studs to hold the plasma tv mount. The mounting kit may include screws or indicate the size that is appropriate for using the mount.

Step5: Attach the mount to the screws. You may want to add weight to the mount or pull on it to ensure that it is securely attached and will support the weight of your plasma TV.

Step6: Attach your plasma TV to the wall mount. Depending on the type of wall mount that you have purchased, this may involve placing mounting components on the rear of the television and then attaching them to the mounting bracket.

Tips & Warnings

* If you are not comfortable mounting the plasma TV on your own, many retailers offer installation services.
* If wiring has not yet been installed for your plasma TV, you may want to install it yourself or hire an a contractor. This enables you to hide the video cables and power cord from the television in the wall instead of leaving them exposed.
* The wall itself is not strong enough to support the plasma TV. Be certain that you are attaching the screws to the studs.
* Do not attempt to mount the plasma TV without help. Due to the weight and shape of a plasma TV, you can injure yourself or damage the TV.

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