How To Safely Open Cartons

This is an abstract from By Shari Waters.

To avoid injury or damage to inventory, retail workers should use caution when opening boxes and checking in freight. Use the following guide to safely open a carton with a box cutter.

Here’s How:

1. When working with freight and opening boxes, always keep a box cutter with a sharp blade handy.
Set the carton on a flat, steady surface.
2. Examine the box to determine the thickness of the cardboard. Thin cartons require less pressure to cut and caution should be taken not to damage the contents with the box cutter.
3. Place one hand on the box and use the other hand to firmly hold the box cutter.
4. Begin cutting with the box cutter blade angled slightly upward and away from the merchandise. Cut away from your body and as close to the top of the box as possible.

Tips: With each cut, be sure all body parts and clothing are not in the path of the box cutter.

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