Icfai Blackmail

My worst fears are coming true.. As some of you guys know I was studying for MBA from Icfai – a big mistake on my part.. I should have never joined them.

Anyways I joined and since I am a dummy, I gave them post dated cheques for my payment in EMI.

I was not able to continue studying for MBA (because I had a lot to study for my speciality – where the heck you guys think I got my MCSA, CCNA, CWNA & RHCE – by pure hard work..) So I stopped paying them. I did ask them if I could get out the MBA programme. But they replied that once you get stuck with their MBA you are stuck with them.. lol..

Now I have been getting some mails including some registered ones from 3rd party guys – asking me to pay. Of course icfai don’t want to get their hands dirty.. So I am told that they use these 3rd party goons..

But lately, I got a phone call from an icfai dude, don’t remember his name – I think he didn’t tell me and I didn’t more or less cared to ask – now he started talking if he was trying me make me afraid – kind of blackmailing me – If I didn’t pay I will end up in defaluters list and that I won’t get any loans and so on. Basically he told me if I didn’t pay I would be royally f**ed up.. I really wanted to tell him to go and get his arse banged. But I was polite as usual and told him to proceed with my case.

I know I am in a little piece of sh*t – they can sue me for check fraud.. I don’t know what my organization will do if they find out if I end up in a check fraud – new job? lol.. I have told this to my direct superior – he is looking into this.

I hope that I am alone in this icfai scam.. I don’t want people to end up like me..

Anyways I have decided that I am not paying and I will use my money to go to war in court.. Jist pray that I don’t end up in jail..lol..

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