Indian cricket team is just lucky

I just saw the quarter final match in the ICC world cup between India and Australia. I was amazed that India didn’t loose this one. Maybe Australia lost its edge. I don’t know. For me it looked like on 80% of the time Australia seemed to be on top. In this match too, I saw Indian batsmen throwing their wicket away. But seems that the prayers of one billion people does seems to have an effect.

Finally about Ricky Ponting – he batted superbly for his century and fielded brilliantly. He deserved to be the man of the match – but instead they gave it to Yuvraj Singh who ran out Gautam Gambhir (well he did get a half century and 2 wickets but it didn’t seem to match Pontings innings..)

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  1. This is not right.It was Indian bowling who did better than Aussie bowlers and Indian batsmen Sachin,Gambhir,Yuvraj and Raina played well in pressure situation rather than Ponting,who was lucky that umpire didn’t give an LBW decision against him when he was at 80 odd runs.Those who played well wins the game and thats what happened yesterday.

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