Make Surfaces Shine with Glass Tile

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Do certain areas of your house seem drab and gloomy? It’s probably because certain floor coverings, such as carpet and certain hardwoods, can actually absorb light and make a room seem dark and bleak. This is why many homeowners are choosing to install glass tile in parts of the house because they actual reflect light, thereby making any area seem brighter and more spacious. Not only do they add radiance to a home, glass tiles also offer many other beautiful and functional qualities.

Creativity – glass tiles comes in a variety of colors, shapes and designs. A homeowner can not only choose from a wide assortment of standard or custom shades and styles, they can also hire a tile artist to create a mosaic for their home. This approach is becoming more and more trendy since other tiles (ceramic and porcelain) are slowly waning in popularity due to their dull looks that no longer hold an aesthetic appeal. Instead, people are moving toward the gloss and polished look of glass which can add a unique artistic vision to a room.

Durability – For centuries, glass has been used in all kinds of constructions due to its resilience. Glass tiles are impermeable and non-porous, which means that they resist any type of water or spillage and will never stain. Plus, they never fade or scratch, which means that they can be installed in any room in the house without risk of damage. And since they don’t take on any liquids, they also will never decay unlike other tiles. This fact has been proven throughout recorded history, which is why you’ll see so many glass artifacts in your local museums: it stands up to the forces of time.

Versatility:Mosaic Glass Tile – Since glass tile is able to endure harsh atmospheres, unlike other surface coverings , it can appear anywhere in the home. Since they’re water-resistant, they are often perfect for fireplaces, check the Best paint primer for brick fireplace, walls, kitchen floors, bathroom countertops, and backsplashes. In fact, since they are also weather-proof, they are even great for outdoor use, such as outside patios and barbecues. Today, most pools use this type of tile due to their strength and ability to create beautifully designed exterior glass tile mosaics.

Health Benefits – Because it’s watertight, glass tile won’t mildew or grow mold, making it not only non-allergenic but also safe from bacteria in cooking and bathroom areas. Plus, with the innovation of recycled glass, it’s healthier for the world at large. Recycled glass helps reduce the amount of waste in landfills and can product tiles consisting of 85% recycled materials. Though you may think this recycled product is inferior or ugly, recycled glass actually creates a unique appearance to any tile project and can withstand the same punishment as any newly-manufactured glass.

Overall Advantages

Easy Maintenance: These tiles can be easily maintained through the simple use of everyday glass cleaner.
Easy on the Budget: It is very reasonable due to its rise in popularity and competitive availability.
Safety: Though polished glass can be as slippery as any smooth surface (such as porcelain or ceramic), due to newly invented anti-slip products that are now on the market it is easy to make these tiles resistant to accidents.
Cracks: Though glass is durable, it can still break if abused, so treat them with the care of any surface covering. If you install glass in a high-traffic area of your house, there are special floor-rated tiles you can purchase which are more resistant to everyday wear and tear.

Whether you want a high-gloss vibrancy or a more subtle etched look, glass tiles come in any style you desire. Just remember these are specialty tiles and require unique installation methods, so always hire a professional to get the project completed from design to finish.

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