Last Sunday we went to Marottichal. This time it was me and Harish V. Last time I had went with Amal Raj and we had not completed the trip. This time Amal was too lazy and didn’t came along. Harish came to my home at around 11:00 AM and we went to Amal’s house to persuade him to tag along. He wasn’t in any mood to come with us telling us some absurd reasons. So Harish and me took off from there at about 12:00 PM. We reached the destination soon.

Since Amal was not with us, we didn’t waste much time taking photos. We took a look at Olakkayam waterfalls which is nearby the road and then we took off with a group of youngsters who had also come to see the waterfalls. We only rested for a few minutes in the way. The trek was not hard as we had thought – both of us had experience going to Sabarimala and we covered the distance to Ilanjippara waterfalls in around an hour. There is only one big hill on the way.

On reaching there, I was a little tired. So I took off my clothes, jumped into the water and had a bath. We spend some time over there and we climbed to the top of the waterfall. Then we returned back to Olakkayam waterfalls. On the way we ate the biscuits that I had in my backpack. We didn’t had lunch and we gulped up everything. Since the walk back was mostly downhill, it was pretty easy.

On reaching Olakkayam waterfalls, I again took off my clothes and jumped to have a bath again. Mostly there are no ladies around here – atleast thats what I thought. I had no idea that my old class mate Nithin Nandakumar is bringing his family over – luckily I atleast had my underwear on. So they were not fully treated to my spectacle.

Soon we returned back – on the way we had a small snack and tea. We reached my house at around 5:00 PM – in time to take my mom to vadakkumnathan temple.

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