Muhurat Trading

Diwali has always been a festival with more social than religious connotations. For example, gambling is one of the large-scale customs associated with this festival, especially in north India. It is believed that Goddess Parvati played dice with her husband, Lord Shiva on this day. She decreed that whoever gambled on Diwali night would prosper throughout the year. Therefore the Diwali day is considered auspicous for trading and is the new year beginning for the stock market where investors normally make a mark by trading in shares that day.

The Stock Exchanges in India has therfore arranged a special Muhurat Trading Session on Diwali.

The market timing for this auspicious session is given below for your kind perusal:

Date : Friday, November 05, 2010 ( Diwali )

The market timings for muhurat trading session

Normal Market Opens : 18:00 hrs

Normal Market Close : 19:00 hrs

Wishing you a happy Muhurat Trading Session.

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