My Trip to Chennai

Last few days have been pretty fast on me.. I wasn’t able to blog much. Last week I had visited Chennai to conduct a FDP (Faculty Development Program) for the faculties in Tamil Nadu. The topic was Checkpoint and CWNA. I was staying at AFL (Accel Frontline) guest house at NMR (Nelson Manickam Road). Though our HO (Head Office) is at NMR, the FDP was conducted in our Greams Road center due to some technical reasons. I was a little surprised when I reached AITA (Accel IT Academy) at Greams Road. This center handles only the high end courses offered by AITA. It has some good facilities.

The FDP conducted by me was just average by my standards. There were some hiccups in the middle. But I hope the faculties got what I have taught them. There is an obvious language barrier – I felt that one or two of them had difficulty understanding me – my English is a little sloppy and I don’t know Tamil.

I met with Thomas sir – it was nice to see him after he got transfered to Chennai. I was also surprised to see Manohar sir from Selam coming to attend the FDP. I also met with some of the other main guys in AITA – Hariharasudan sir, Kannan sir, Sudhakar sir and Balaji sir

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