Nice Sample Fireworks at Uthralikavu

I just came back from Uthralikavu temple, Vadakkanchery, Thrissur. I went from my home at about 5:30 PM. Of course on the way I got stuck at the Vadakkanchery gate. Upon reaching near the temple, I had to pay Rs 20 for parking which I think is too high. Maybe I should have parked at Vadakkanchery for free. I was a bit early but it was lucky for me because I had the luck to hear the Pandi Melam. (I am a big fan of Pandi Melam..)

Soon after the melam, the sample fireworks started (at about 7:00 PM) and boy, it was worth the time and money I spent. There are three groups participating in the festival. Everybody enjoyed the fireworks. It was beautiful. By the time it was over, it was about 8:30 PM. Getting back was the difficult thing because of all the people walking through the road. And as usual I got stuck at Vadakkanchery gate (again..).

On the way back I went to my friend Krishnan’s home – because his father had called me today if I could come to his house to inspect the computer which was showing some problems. When I reached there, I inspected the computer – I believe its a OS issue – but I am not sure. The computer is pretty old (P III) – anything could be causing the problem. I asked Krisnan’s father if he could bring it to Accel tomorrow – which he agreed. His mother made some chappattis – which I devoured – because I was very hungry.

I reached my home, had a nice bath and now I am blogging..

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