Please be careful while using diet pills

There are disadvantages and advantages with diet pill.

Most of then may not work for you. Some out there are just plain garbage and with others they will tell you that you will see results if you diet and exercise. Well most people if they diet or exercise will lose weight on their own.

Many diet pills have stimulents in them which can cause permanent damage to your body.

Many of the side effects are horrible, like a leaky butt and excessive gas.

Most will keep you awake at night.

Once you stop taking the pills, you will probably regain all the weight plus more. While on the pills you have not learned to deal with your issues, or learn how to eat and exercise properly, so once the pills have stopped, you go back to your old ways. Most seem to gain back even more than they lost.

Prescription diet pills can be physically addictive but many over the counter pills can be emotionally addicting. Although, many pills are not addictive to the body, you get to rely on them so much that you can’t stay on a diet without them. Breaking the physical addiction of prescription pills is very hard for many people. Usually a therapist can help.


Only if you doctor states it’s worth the health risk, because you are morbidly obese..

Each diet pill has a different side effect so over use is not always easy to spot. The one basic thing that you should look for is someone going past their goal weight and losing weight to the point that they just look too skinny or unhealthy. Many of the newer pills don’t have the obvious side effects as shaky hands, speedy actions, rapid speech and most no long depend on speed as it’s base.

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