Saw a program on Kalari and Yoga

Last week, we were in Kottayam and there were a lot of cultural programs being held nearby to where we live. So in the evenings me and my colleague – Devaraj, we used to go to see these events. One day we have the pleasure of watching a program on Kalari and Yoga. We watched in awe as they did their routine.

I remembered that there was a time (17 years ago) when we could perform almost any of the asanas with ease. Our bodies were so flexible at that time. All we had is a blanket under us to protect us from the surface. Now I am having both physical and psychological problems. I have been thinking to go back to yoga. I am sure it will be not easy. Before that I am thinking of doing some resistance training using theraband. As far as I can see, they are within my budget.

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