SendOff from Accel, Thrissur

Yesterday was the last day for me in Thrissur Accel IT Academy. The staff at Accel gave me a send off. The send off function was very sad for me. I found myself crying – I was not able to speak what I had in mind. I wanted to say many things. But I couldn’t..

I had a great 6 years of my life in Accel Thrissur – I had all sorts of things happening for me at Thrissur – some sweet and some sad.. but they all are totally unforgettable. I found a lot of friends here and this is a place that I am finding very difficult to leave.. I had several students over here and all of them gave me something to remember..

Accel IT Academy Thrissur shaped me into what I am now. There are some negatives and some positives..

I am still a part of Accel family and if there is any luck, I will be back in Thrissur..

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