Sengulam Dam – peaceful and beautiful

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Sengulam Dam is one of the spots to go when you come to Munnar. This dam which was completed in 1954 is a part of Sengulam hydro electric project which currently provides 48MW of power. This masonry dam is 143.26 meters in length.

This is quite peaceful and beautiful tourist destination for your family. The lake formed by the dam provides a beautiful backdrop for the spectacular view provided by Letchmi hills on the north, Chokramudi peak on the east and the valley of Vellathooval, Adimaly and Pettumudi peaks on the South- West..

There is boating available from 8: 30 am to 4:30 pm.

Photos of Sengulam Dam

Sengulam Dam

Sengulam Dam

Sengulam Dam

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