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Ashop Commerce is a company out of Sydney, Australia – provider of hosted shopping cart software. It offers a complete solution for merchants to sell online by helping them come onto the ecommerce platform. The software can be customized for use with Dreamweaver, Frontpage, and other HTML editing programs. The product pages are typically HTML with a space for the product to be listed whereas the other pages (such as the checkout) are more versatile. When you build a website with the Ashop program, you generate multiple templates for the different pages. Users can build HTML pages with product codes inserted into a specific place in the template. Product descriptions within the dynamic catalog can include HTML (meaning they also have the option of including alt tags, meta tags, and other HTML elements). One very interesting feature of the Ashop ecommerce software is that was designed to tie into Ebay stores. The shopping cart software also allows for products to be listed in more than one category.
The company offers what they term a “dynamic catalog” where the shopping cart program generates product pages and serves them to the browser in HTML format. Product order forms are static and can be inserted into newsletters and emails. This cart has functionality for digital products such as e-books.

Ashop Commerce is offering a 10 day free trial with no credit card required. When you go to the Ashop Commerce website, you can take a test drive of the demo store, review all the software features and check out the smart packages and find the right pricing plan for your business needs. There are no hidden fees and no contracts to sign. Should you decide to sign up for a package that does include a contract, there is a free of charge custom online store design offer which gives you graphically designed headers and footers.

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