Some Facts About A Royal Paulownia

The royal paulownia is known for other names like kiri tree, sapphire princess tree, and princess tree. It is known in the western and central China, but it is also very abundant in different places in the United States. There are different legends that state the origin of this tree.

Many believed that the tree started with the ancient Chinese tradition. The families plant one tree when a girl is born in the family. They believe that the tree matures as the person also matures. Then, it is harvested when the lady is ready for marriage and the wood are made into instruments and furniture.

During the 19th century, the seeds were used as a packing material for porcelain. However, there are times when a packaging would leak and it scatters the seeds all over the place. Then, since this kind of tree easily grows, it germinates as a weed tree in areas where it is suitable for the climate.

It can be a very good plant that gives off a dramatic appearance. It looks very coarse-textured, has a very huge heart-shaped leaves, and is more beautiful because of its cluster of flowers. The flowers usually bloom before the leaves fall, so it is a very good site to see, especially when there is an evergreen background.

The cluster of flowers it blooms add to up to its beautiful appearance. The flowers are also of vanilla scent that are so relaxing. Also, the colors are very relaxing as it can range from purple, violet, and lavender that gives beauty during springtime.

Since it grows rapidly, there is a tendency that it becomes very messy. A capsule of seeds can even contain thousands of it. That is why it is very important that you need to plan ahead before even trying to plant one of it.

A royal paulownia is a very good ornamental kind of plant. Also, it has a very tropical feel and look because of its large-sized leaves. So, you have to ask experts about this tree when considering planting it.

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