St. Joseph’s Parish Shrine Pavaratty, Thrissur

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St. Joseph’s Parish Shrine Pavaratty is one of the most famous churches in Thrissur dist. You can reach Pavaratty from Thrissur via Chitilappilly – Parappur – Poovathur (around 23 km from Thrissur). Pavaratty is around 5 km away from Guruvayur.

St. Joseph’s Parish Shrine Pavaratty, Thrissur – Pictures

Below are some of the photos or pictures of this beautiful church.

There are lots of buses which goes through Pavaratty from Thrissur. Get bus from Sakthan bus stand, Thrissur. The nearest railway station should be Guruvayur.

You should also visit St. Thomas Archdiocesan Shrine Palayur which is nearby.

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