St Mary’s Church, Vendore, Thrissur

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St Mary’s Church is located in Vendore, Thrissur district, Kerala state, South India. Its in between Amballur and Mannampetta, around 200 m from Vendore Junction. It is famous in the patronage of Our lady Mother Mary (also known as Vendore Amma in Malayalam) and belongs to Archdiocese of Thrissur.

It was established in 1924 and comes under St. Antony’s Forane Church, Pudukad.

The history of the church begins in 1923. Earlier family members here were part of Pudukkad Parish. After 1923 the christian family members grouped together and they needed a Parish in their location. As per the discussion came in the meeting held, some selected persons meet the Bishop in Archdiocese of Thrissur.

The Bishop allowed a new Parish in 1924.Parish embers donated the place for the parish in the name of Our lady Mother Mary. The statue in the church was imported from foreign country. The statue in which Mother Mary carrying baby Jesus Christ in her hands was crafted in woods was brought from Kochi via train to Pudukad Railway Station and then in decorated bullock cart. The curch was blessed in 1927 with 52 families. Now there are almost 1063 christian families in Parish.

Phone: +91-480-2751422

The holy mass timings are as follows:
Sunday: 05:45am, 07:00am, 10:30am, 05:30pm
Monday: 05:45am, 07:00am
Tuesday: 05:45am, 07:00am
Wednesday: 05:45am, 07:00am
Thursday: 05:45am, 07:00am
Friday: 05:45am, 07:00am
Saturday: 06:30am, 05:30pm

St Mary’s Church, Vendore – Photos

St Mary's Church, Vendore, Thrissur

St Mary's Church, Vendore, Thrissur

St Mary's Church, Vendore, Thrissur

St Mary's Church, Vendore, Thrissur

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