St. Theresa’s Ship Church, Eravu

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St. Theresa’s Ship Church is located in Eravu, Thrissur district, Kerala State, South India. As the name suggests its built in the shape of a ship, it’s also known as Eravu Kappal Palli.

The innovative idea for designing a church based on a ship design was presented by Father Immanuel Rathappilly of that time (more than 30 years back) – The design was said to be very difficult by engineers at that time.

At that time, the non-conventional church was not so acceptable to people. But now its accepted by all. The design of a ship attracts the people as a church and as a tourist destination. Its a masterpiece which strikes you by its unique design.

There is a church in Kochi which is made to look like a ship, but I find that this church here in looks much more of a ship than that one. I do feel that inside of Church is a litte less spacious when compared to other modern churches. But there is ample parking space.

The combined feast of St. Theresas and St. Sebastian is on the first week of January. Do watch out for this celebration.

Rose flower offering is a speciality of this church.

Photos of St.Theresa’s Ship Church, Eravu

St.Theresa's Ship Church, Eravu

St.Theresa's Ship Church, Eravu

St.Theresa's Ship Church, Eravu

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