Stimerex ES: A user review

Stimerex ES contains ephedra. So I searched more and found an article by Ron Baird in Ron Baird is a Professional writer for 18 years, published mystery novel-Dark Angel: A tale of murder, mayhem and flyfishing in the Rockies, Fishing Colorado: A Falcon Guide

I’ve recently started trying some herbal weight-loss supplements in order to get rid of about 10 pounds I gained after a couple of physical problems limited my mobility. One did nothing, another gave me the energy to start exercising again but didn’t help me lose any weight. The third, Stimerex ES, helped me lose about 10 pounds in two months but more importantly, helped me to deflate an inner-tube around my waist that I’ve carried for years.

The company claims it “targets fat in the most stubborn areas” and my inner-tube has been stubbornly hanging around for longer than I care to admit, only shrinking significantly when I was doing triathalons and running 10K races.
Stimerex-ES has 25 mg. of ephedra extracted from Sida Cordifolia, 10 mg. of Synephrine, an “ephedrine-like” compound extracted from bitter orange (Citrus Aurantium), theophylline and polyphenols from green tea, theobroma cocoa extract, phenylethylamine HCL, yohimbe extract and 80 mg. of caffeine These are all known stimulant/mood enhancers. Another compound, naringen, reportedly slows the downgrade of the stimulants in the body so they last longer.

If it sounds potent, that because it is. The only problem I have with this product is the recommended dosage of three tablets a day. Most of the online dealers of Stimerex are very pointed in recommending new users start with a half tablet to gauge its effects.

I did that but once I had reached about 1 ½ tablets for the day I started experiencing an elevated heart rate and irritability. So now I divide the tablets into quarters and take one every 2-21/2 hours, and they do exactly what they are supposed to without any negative side effects.

Now, I just turned 60, so I couldn’t guess how younger people might react to the recommended dosage. But if you decide to try it, be very conservative. They also take a while to work, I’d say as much as an hour to get started, so don’t get impatient. Once you see how they affect you, adjust your dose accordingly.

There are many contraindications to using any product with ephedra and they are well delineated both on the sellers’ websites and the product container. There is also an informative article on the Associated Content site about the pluses and minuses of ephedra use. Get educated if you are going to use Stimerex-ES or any ephedra-based product. Don’t take chances, because improper use of ephedra has killed people.

But the point I want to make is that Stimerex-ES does work.

I have continued to exercise and even push myself a little beyond my previous comfort zone. This involves riding my mountain bike up steeper and steeper hills, and hiking up some hills near home with a backpack weighing between 20-30 pounds, depending on my mood and weather conditions.

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