The five chores to help retain the fountain of youth

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Learn to fix a bike if you want to stay young, for this is one of the things that scientists have mentioned in their list of five daily activities that can help slow mental decline due to ageing.

Other activities that can keep old age at bay are — being physically active, taking part in group events and giving up some of your time for charity, taking notice of the good things around you, and learning something new.

The scientists believe that any five of such deeds everyday can help avert cognitive decline in later life.

The suggestions are based on the idea of eating at least five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables each day to avoid heart disease and cancer.

Thus, the researchers have identified a handful of simple daily actions that anyone can do to maintain their mental well-being in later life.

The recommendations are part of a much a larger investigation aimed at promoting the nation’’s mental resources during a period when people will age significantly as the number of people over 65 is set to double.

The government-funded study includes suggestions by more than 400 experts.

The study not only identified the improvements, but also the possible pitfalls that can affect intellectual development and abilities during childhood, adolescence and old age.

The suggestion will help in changing the common stigma associated with old age.

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