The Meeting With Asokan Sir didn’t go that well

We had a meeting with Asokan Sir on Tuesday. Unfortunately the meeting didn’t go well as we had hoped. He like all marketing guys wants to need to get more out of us. He was supposed to increase the morale of Accel, but most of us seems to have far less morale after the meeting. There are even guys who are ready to leave Accel IT Academy asap.

I had suggested that we could start a Accel community forum – for all Accel employees, not just Accel IT academy employees or students. Now this is going to be a big task, as you guys know I am upto it.

But if Accel is unable to get me a domain and hosting (this is the most likely scenario), I am willing to setup a forum on this domain. I am having lot of space, bandwidth and mysql databases left. So I can easily incorporate a big forum free of cost to Accel on this site.

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