Took saturday off

Yesterday I took the day off from work – means I didn’t go to work in my office. But work followed me. I went out in the morning to get my bike serviced (My bike wasn’t serviced after my accident and its not in a good shape) – so I gave the bike for servicing at Hero Mobikes in Koorkencherry and then I went to get to see Sojan Chettan at JJ Infosys to have some of my domains extended (I extended for 3 years and for 1 year). At JJ Infosys, I was getting calls from work. So I sat there for sometime on my laptop doing my work and then I went to see my fiancée at her workplace. There too I was getting calls and I spend most of my time working and not chatting with her. Since its saturday she can close the office at 2pm and we walked to Sakthan stand – she got to her bus and I went to my earlier working place – Accel – There I met my earlier colleagues (Ajitha madam, Sameeha madam, Vijo, Muthu, Basheer, Paulson sir) and I spend some time talking with Paulson sir (and doing work on my laptop attending the calls). We got out from there at around 6:30 pm and I went back to Koorkencherry to collect my bike. Then I went home.

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