Went to Manimalar Kaavu Pooram

Today (10.03.2011) I went to Manimalar Kaavu Temple Pooram. My co worker Sithara Madam had invited all of us at Accel to her place – Velur – for the festival. Only me and Vijo was free to go there. We went there on my bike starting at Thrissur around 4:30 PM. We first went to Sithara’s house where we met her family – her mother, elder sister ( and her husband and 2 energetic young boys), her younger brother. We had tea and then we went to Manimalar Kavu Temple. They don’t have any elephants over there. They have horse statues carried by people (This is my description – I would love if some one could elaborate).. But fortunately for us (Vijo and me) and unfortunately for Sithara Madam, they had fireworks. While Vijo and I enjoyed the fireworks, Sithara almost had a heart attack. Then we came back to her house after buying some stuff for the kids. We had a good dinner and then came back to Thrissur. I dropped Vijo off at Bijoy sir’s place and came to my home and started blogging..

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