Went to see Parakkottukavu fireworks

This was something that had slipped my mind – I almost forgot about it. On 13th May 2012, we had went to see Parakkottukavu fireworks.

Me and my friend Aneesh started a little bit late – we had hoped to start at about 5:00PM – but we were late – we started only at about 6:30PM. We took off on bike – I know the route very well upto Chelakkara because we have been there before so often. But from Chelakkara to Thiruvilwamala, the route was a bit unknown. So we had to pause in between to get the route correct.

As I told earlier, we were a lot late – on the way we heard the first fireworks. But we reached in time for the remaining two fireworks.

We had to park the bike a bit far from the temple. We walked a small distance – we were always asking for directions as we had no idea where the temple is.

As soon as we reached near the area, the second fireworks started. After this we ate some snacks – then soon after the third fireworks started.

About the fireworks – its good. Its like watching a cinema in the balcony. This is because we were standing in the hills – this provides a very good view.

We returned back at about 9:15PM, we reached Thrissur at about 10:30PM.

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