Went to visit the Bible Tower

This was something that happened a few days ago and I am sorry that I have failed to mention it – I am more busy promoting Free Open Articles these days that I am somewhat not blogging my personal thoughts.

I had gone to the Bible tower with my friend Amal Raj. I had always wanted to visit it since its creation.

So whats my opinion about the tower – pretty much negative – there is nothing much inside to look at. I believe that the addition of the Bible tower to Our Lady of Dolours Basilica aka Puthan Palli has damaged the Gothic beauty of the Church. Before the addition of the Bible tower, Puthan Palli looked beautiful from all sides, now it looks out of shape from most sides. The new designers who had built the Bible tower must have thought that size matters – absolutely wrong thought. What they seems to have done is to destroy the beauty of one of my favorite churches.

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