Whats missing from my last birthday?

There were a few Happy Birthday’s put on my facebook and Orkut by my friends. I am very much thankful to that. It’s nice to see that my friends still remembers me.

Though my actual birth date is 27th April, I usually don’t celebrate on that day – I do celebrate a bit based on my star “Uthram” which is usually right after Thrissur Pooram. I don’t sent out some party invitations to everyone. This year I celebrated it in my office with my co-workers. I am very happy all the people in Thrissur and beyond celebrate on those days of Thrissur Pooram – usually I am also with them celebrating my birthday and pooram..

So what’s missing from my last Birthday – pretty much nothing apart from the fact that I grew older every year – if there is a time machine I would love to go back to some 15 years ago and play with my friends…

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