Why you should learn Photography

1. The chance to capture special occasions such as a special birthday or the family vacation with clear, properly constructed photographs.

2. Never missing out on another “Kodak decisive moment” while searching for the appropriate switch or button.

3. Taking amazing photographs you and those you love proudly frame and display.

4. Interacting through your photographs. A photo is really worth one thousand words and phrases! It is possible to catch a glance which says everything. Or like we have seen in journals like Time or National Geographic.

5. A chance to capture a family portrait in a home or out of doors environment that allows you to capture the natural beauty of someone close and make them want to see the actual portrait framed on a wall rather than sitting at the base of any box.

6. Excitement! With a good telephoto zoom lens you can, from a secure distance, capture exciting photos of animals as well as weather phenomena. Imagine your mates reactions after they see these remarkable photographs you took framed on the walls.

7. Entertaining! It is entertaining taking photos of people young and old as well as specific things we love. It’s much more fun taking photographs after grasping just a few skills!

8. Money and Recognition! Many a digital photographer moved onto get prizes and make money through marketing their pictures online. Photography lovers sell downloads at photograph websites such as i Stock. Many capture pet portraits of the neighbors’ pets, and eventually start a business enterprise from there. Others turn out to be professional wedding photographers or get job opportunities working as commercial or family portrait photographers.

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