Yesterday I went to see Nenmara Vallangi Vela Fireworks

Yesterday (03-04-2011) I went to Nenmara to see the fireworks. I had to go to job on Sunday. So after coming back I had some rest time (sleep time) at home and then at about 8:00 PM I started from my home. I didn’t use my bike – I walked to near Thrissur Dist. hospital. From there I got on a private bus. There are special trips by private buses due to the festival. The bus as usual was stopped by police about 2.5 km away from Nenmara (traffic restrictions). I walked from there to Nenmara. During the walk, I ate some of the food that I had with me.. On reaching the temple, I walked around for some time taking some pics. Then I went to the fields and rested for about 2 hours. Soon it was morning of 04.04.2011. Then the police came and we were all forced to move backwards. I didn’t much sleep.

There are 2 sets of fireworks by 2 groups – Nenmara and Vallangi. One group started their fireworks at about 3:35 AM and the other at about 5:00 AM. I find that the fireworks lacking in speed at the beginning – it felt awkwardly slow till the mid way.. Only the end of the fireworks seems to be good.

After the fireworks I walked back (almost ran) 2.5 km back to catch the bus back to Thrissur. I got on the second bus. I had a little nap time. I got out at Jubilee Mission Hospital and walked to my home. I got to my home at bout 7:30 AM. I had a bath, had breakfast and slept until 9:50. Then I waked up and went to work.

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