Anaheim California

By Morgan Hamilton

The city of Anaheim California, located near Los Angeles, is an attractive but active metropolis. The first settlers that came in this area in 1857 were farm working families. These immigrants were from Bavaria, Germany and have thrived ever since by blending agriculture, modern industry and tourism into the economic mix. This city has a population of over 300,000 inhabitants according to the last census that was conducted in 2000.

Anaheim California is now an important industrial location for electronics and aircraft parts. This city is also involved in canning fruit. Lemons, walnuts and oranges are the main crops grown in the area. This attractive city also has a local airport, bearing the grand name of John Wayne Airport. The famous Walt Disney also chose to build his first theme park in Anaheim California in 1955. Disneyland has brought millions of tourists to the area and made Anaheim California a familiar name across the world.

The residents of this city are avid sports fans. Angel Stadium is a very impressive venue that is the home ground of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim baseball team. The Honda Center, which is an indoor arena, is host to the NHL Anaheim Ducks hockey team. Wrestling and basketball matches are also held in this venue. The center is large enough to put on concerts of many pop stars and other musical artists. Paul McCartney, Barry Manilow, Madonna and the Rolling Stones have held concerts in the Honda Center.

However, Anaheim California is also identified with a shameful period in history. The infamous Ku Klux Klan had a stranglehold in this city during the 1920’s before they were eventually swept away. Town officials and police officers during this period were among the members of this notorious organization.

The residents of this city are generally happy because Anaheim California has a successful balance between work and play. It looks forward to being a modern 21st century city, but it has not forgotten its roots and remains a center for agriculture. Anaheim California is also the birthplace of several successful people. Gwen Stefani, the late singer songwriter Jeff Buckley and the late professional wrestler Mike Lockwood are just a few of the successful celebrities that were born in this city. You can check out this Anaheim California hotel for a nice stay.

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